OH! My Ribs, August 2, 2014 @8pm The Kym and Whitney Show: Episode II

Do you like free stuff? Free comedy? Free booze? Then Saturday, August 2nd is a big day for you! The Kym and Whitney Show Episode 2 is making it’s way to the Oh My Ribs theater in Hollywood. Kym and her partner Whitney Melton are filming their sets, so come and laugh really loud, then impress your friends when they see it on Youtube and they can hear you laughing.
The show is free, plus there will be free beer and wine and maybe some hard stuff if we think you can handle it, but also some free Pepsi and/or other soda.

In addition to all of that, you also get the comedy stylings of amazing comics Briana Hansen, Andy Kozel, Wendi Starling and Rick Wood!

RSVP for tickets by emailing thekymandwhitneyshow@gmail.com.

The Kym and Whitney Show Episode 2
Saturday, August 2nd
Oh My Ribs! Theatre
6468 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90038
Phone:(323) 207-8243