Mouthypants says farewell, Tuesday, May 24, 2016 @8pm


Well kids, it’s finally here!! The very last Mouthypants!! It’s pretty surreal. So, let’s go out the only way we know how, a HUGE ASS PARTY!!!

We’ll have a few more booked spots, some guest hosts, and Skot will be back behind the DJ booth!! There will also be cake, candy, and we’ll be taking an uber so you know some craziness will ensue!
It’s hard to put into word what this mic and all of you have meant to us. We both have grown so much as comedians and as people in the three years you have been gracing us with your hilarity. We’ve made so many friends, friends that we get to call family. Tuesday’s have been nothing short of an adventure. With the laughter, the drinking, oh man the drinking, the roasts, the bizarre characters we’ve had to kick out, to most of you being banned, the roasts, the amazing guest hosts, performing for a packed house or to just a few of our peers, and the countless forever friendships formed on the patio. We thank you for all of it. We’re incredibly grateful to this experience and to you! We love you all, well most of you.
So you know the drill, email before Monday at 5pm to get on one of the booked spots!! And if you want to guest host, email us that too!! We’d love to have you!!
And have no fear! The Tuesday night party will continue with the very funny Kevin Anderson and Vanessa Gritton!! We couldn’t be more pleased to pass this stage off to two amazingly talented comedians!

Thank you again for three incredible years. Mouthypants would not have been a success without you guys!