Flappers, YooHoo Room, September 14, 2014 @7pm The Kym and Whitney Show: Episode V

The magic continues! Episode 5 of The Kym and Whitney Show is upon us! This Wednesday, October 22nd you are invited to a night of laughs and tears and maybe a lesson or two learned. Also booze and dick jokes.


Episode 5 of “The Kym and Whitney Show” will be live and in-person at Burbank’s very own Flapper’s Comedy Club. This link takes you to a page where through the magic of the information superhighway, you will be able to purchase tickets in advance.

And oh, you thought it was just Kym and Whitney talking all evening (a worthwhile event for sure). But NO! Look at this list of hilarious comedians that will tear your funny bone a new asshole!

Maral Adams
Andrew Donnelly
Brian Elder
Billy Griffin
Todd Larson
Stacey Norgren
Tom Young
Justin Foster

And your headliner, from America’s Got Talent, Melissa Villasenor!!

Show starts at 7:30. See you Wednesday.