February 14, 2017 Kym joins Darrin and T.S. on their podcast The Dangerous Darrin Show at Johnny’s Bar at 5pm.

Dangerous Darrin


Kym sits down with comedian and actress Christina Leonard on her Hidden Rebel’s Podcast.  They talk about their love of Star Wars, dating and how hard and interesting the business can be!


Click the link below to hear the episode!


Kym stops by to chat with comedians Kevin Anderson and Matt Brousseau on their podcast Bleak in Review. In this episode, Matt tells me about his recent trip to the bay area and I tell him about a pizza outage that I encountered. Then, comedian / former child athlete Kym Kral joins the show to have an intensive discussion about being forced into sports as a young person. We also discuss gorilla slaughter, her voiceover career, and the reason why she’s terrified of rabbits. I think I even rap at one point! Plus, fan favorites Brian Borgbomp and Jerry Something (Phil S. Gould) return to the show for another segment of You’re Doing It Wrong! in which update us on their curious living situation, give us some valuable political advice, and even play some improv games! Formal apologies to Matt’s disturbed neighbors during this episode.


Kym Kral joins Whitney Melton, her mouthypants partner,  with comedian Adam Feuerberg on his podcast The Jew and the Gentile.  They talk about comedy, running a standup show, and overall shenanigans in which they participate.  Click the link below to listen!

Kym Kral’s interview for “Funny is Pretty” written by Oregon blogger Jackie.  Here she talks about the importance of finding a core support group and how grateful she is that she has that.

Article written by Comedian Marilyn Anne Michaels mentioning Kym Kral and her comedy partner Whitney Melton’s Mouthypants Open Mic.  Which runs every tuesday from 7PM-midnight at The Other Door in North Hollywood.

Actor/comedian Tom Farnan blogs for 90 days.  His goal is to do 90 open mics in these 90 days.  Here in his first post he mentions Kym Kral and her comedy partner Whitney Melton’s Mouthypants Open Mic and how incredibly supportive it is.  Mouthypants is ran every Tuesday at The Other Door in North Hollywood from 7PM-midnight.